It is useful for fishermen and hunters

som_astrahanFishing for catfish in Astrakhan in August

Every fisherman dreams of catching big fish. The most coveted trophy of the Volga and powerful – of course, catfish. The owner of the depths have successfully caught the whole open water season from April to November. But to be a winner, you have to know the rules of the game. Tuning to catch a big catfish in the Lower Volga, it is necessary to take care of safety gear in each of its elements.

trophy35Fishing in Astrakhan region in June

Fishing in Astrakhan region in June – is excellent bite that can leave a lasting impression, especially for the novice fisherman. During this period, the fish so much that in the morning and in the evening the water literally boils from her presence. And the battle that suit predators in the morning, do not leave anyone indifferent.

вобла с пивомCatching roach in Astrakhan

Catching roach in Astrakhan spring – one of the easiest and dobychlivyh fishings this time of year, because fishing is carried out usually in the flood plains and low-lying bush. Here, the melt water is quite a long time and have time to warm up to the optimal temperature for the fish in the 15-16 degrees …

okun_winterCatching perch in Astrakhan winter

Astrakhan – one of the most beautiful places rich in fish. Those who where caught perch in the winter, it is easy to agree these.
Fishing in Astrakhan attracts not only in the open water season, but in winter. Perhaps someone it will seem strange, but according to statistics, fishing stream in Astrakhan more in winter than in the warmer months.

щука_зимойSearch pike winter

Despite the fact that the pike is a predatory fish, catching her in the winter time can boast of a few fishermen. Most importantly, what is the difference experienced fishermen – they know how to find the pike in a particular pond. And for that, first of all, you must have knowledge about the …

fider2Selecting rod feeder

The word “feeder” in English means manger. The fishing is a type of feeder rods. First, the feeders are used to fish the bottom. These rods are provided with different apex whose stiffness can be varied.

trophy10Spring fishing catfish in Astrakhan

The catfish is the biggest predator bescheshuychatym freshwater rivers and lakes. He refers to the family of catfish somoobraznyh squad. The features catfish – big head, long tail and whiskers. The fish can reach 5 m in length and 400 kg weight. Most often anglers caught specimens weighing 10-20 kg.

trophy16It is useful for fishermen and hunters

Perch is the most common predator in our rivers and reservoirs. It belongs to the family of the same name and perch to the order Perciformes. Striped robber distinguishes gregarious and extraordinary greed. Despite this, the fish grows slowly and …

trophy25Catching walleye in the Lower Volga

Zander is a predator of the perch family. This is one of the most popular fish from spinnings. It reaches a maximum size of 1.2 m length and 12 kg weight. Normally, fishermen have to deal with fanged robber weighing 2-4 kg and a length of 0.6-0.7 m. The characteristics of walleye…

sazanFishing for carp in the Volga delta

Carp – is the largest freshwater fish, which belongs to the family of carp carps squad. The weight of the fish is sometimes more than 20 kg, and comes to the length of 1 m. The main growth carp occur during the first 7-8 years of life, the maximum age can exceed 30 years.

trophy13It is useful for fishermen and hunters

Asp is only pronounced predator of the carp family. Standard weight asp or sherespera is 2-4 kg. The fish can reach a maximum size of 70 cm and a weight of 8 kg. During his strength and fighting spirit received from fishermen such nicknames as…

IMG-20150622-WA0014[1]Pike fishing in the Caspian peals

Catch pike always fun and recklessly, especially large. Volga ducts merge with the Caspian Sea, form the famous Caspian peals – boundless expanse of shallow, overgrown with reed islands…

trophy01Fishing for sazan in the fall

Catching carp in September, this is a very exciting experience for fans of this fish. Particularly impressive size.
Carp – quite a big fish, which is a worthy trophy for the angler. The maximum weight of carp about thirty-five kilograms. Size up …

nature11Fishing in Astrakhan

In our country, many wonderful and beautiful places, but in the Astrakhan region itself Mother Nature created the conditions for a peaceful and relax. Without a doubt, fishing hunting in Astrakhan – a unique combination of the beauty of the surrounding landscape, and …

nature02Fishing in Astrakhan in autumn

Autumn time for anglers most welcome in the Astrakhan region. Tiresome falls during the summer heat, the water becomes cooler. All kinds of fish more active, feeding intensively in preparation for winter. Young and white fish are favored by facilitating predators …